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Pencils • Black & Whites • Colour Boards


Animatics • Boardomatics • Photomatics

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Audio • Video • CGI • Photography • Editing

When the concept calls for Motion Design, 3D animations or Effects, we team up with our sister company Tango Media Group. This partnership enables us to expand our post production services and keeps everything under the same roof.

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About Us


THE BOARDROOMS is a full service art and post production studio that specializes in Storyboards and Animatics. It
 is your direct access to some of the most talented and experienced artists and animators in the industry.

We really enjoy transforming our clients ideas into engaging visual stories.



We are very focused on client services and we understand our clients’ fast-paced environments.

Our services are fully integrated and this helps us move production forward much faster, while maintaining a premium quality level. From beginning to end, each project is coordinated by one member of our production team to ensure consistency and effective communications.

Clients come to us with a simple synopsis, stick-figure drawings, or with a detailed brief. If clients can picture it, we can do it.


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THE BOARDROOMS is the perfect Art and Production hub creating Storyboards and Animatics for the Advertising and Creative industries.

Claire Marier, partner/executive producer, is responsible for the 
smooth sailing of projects from start to finish.

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